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Group Profile

Established in 1987, JAYU Group is a conglomerate specializing in building energy-saving, usage of PV and STP power and other new energies, intelligent equipment and investment and asset management with total assets of RMB 20 billion. It owns JAYU Window & Door, JAYU SOLAR, AOPU STAR and other famous brand in the industry. The products developed by the Company have accumulatively obtained more than 700 nationally authorized patents.

Group Industry

Energy-saving Window, Door and Curtain Wall

JAYU Joint-Stock is China’s first listed enterprise for energy-saving window & door and ranks first among top 100 Chinese window & door enterprises with more than 400 technologies and products widely applied all over the world

New Energy Power Generation

JAYU SOLAR’s business has covered the photovoltaic module sales, EPC construction and operation and maintenance for power stations. Its comprehensive strategic cooperation has been reached with many large-scale photovoltaic power enterprises in China.

STP+ New Energy

The Group focuses on “solar thermal power (STP)” clean energy development and utilization. The groove-type STP system, CPC STP system, panel and evacuated tube solar collection units etc. are provided for households

Intelligent Equipment

With intelligent production terminals as the core, AOPU STAR, providing comprehensive intelligent solutions, is an important participant in the “Spallation Neutron Source” project of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Prefabricated Building

The Group's prefabricated green building business is undertaken by JAYU Energy-saving Technology Weixian County Co., Ltd., and its business has covered the in-depth design of prefabricated building elements

Industrial Investment

The Group has invested in the construction of more than 20 industrial parks across the country, covering a total area of 23 million square meters. The transportation radius for the Group’s goods has been shortened to less than 500 kilometers.

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For a better home

© JAYU Xinxin Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.  京ICP备20006162号-1  300.cn BEIJING